The Levity and Commerce of Laquan Smith

by Samantha Romney Mcdonald

Laquan Smith is Hollywood's IT designer among the younger crowd. But that should not dissuade you or influence you if you don't care much about Hollywood. What should influence you to look at Laquan's work is his ability to fuse conceptual expression of fashion into designer wear that is functional, sexy and above all elegant with raw edges. His pre-fall collection exudes those qualities in heaps. From more traditionalist dresses with radical prints to non-traditional high slits and pantsuits make this collection a collection in the right direction. While he has maintained not only a very creative fashion house but also a profitable fashion house he has not fully branched out to the mainstream consciousness. And if he keeps on producing work of such quality it is inevitable that he would end up being one of the most recognized brands in our wardrobe and ten years down the road we would be talking about his work with the likes of Chanel and Dior. Laquan Smith is that good. 



Samantha Romney Mcdonald is a fashion journalist based in Lausanne.