Color Brigade with Max Mara

by Lotus Ladegaard

Achille Maramotti founded the Italian luxury fashion house Max Mara in 1951 although he began designing haute couture in 1947. He envisioned that the industrial processes could support the production of high-end designer clothing. That idea was revolutionary specially at a time fashion was thought to be an artisanal product for the few who could afford it. Over the years, the Max Mara brand have included some of the most important designers and artists such as Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Max Mara’s new Resort Collection is classic and simple yet has just that splash of modern touch to make it relevant. The colour palette is kept in simple tones, white, black, a few pastels and some red tones that stands out. It is easy to wear and as always Max Mara delivers on execution and quality.

The colour blocking stands out among the pieces with its swirl that makes you guess whether it is a print or in fact colour blocking. Also, the printed mesh worn by the models as either top or leggings or just the one, stood out and added a youthful feel to each of looks, at times it even looks like a beaded or sequined mesh with the intricate print creating the illusion. The anthracite jumpsuit with drop-waist was another favourite with the intricate cut that emphasised the two pieces sewn together at the waist. The jacket lapel and gathering along with white belt also added to that emphasis. Undoubtedly, some of the dresses were very simple bordering on minimalistic, but the fabric choice certainly made up for that. Sometimes the art is to let the fabric and print speak and avoid overemphasizing. The suits were classic, but kept modern with interesting tops, scarfs, leggings and mesh. 

Max Mara’s Resort collection is a very interesting and appealing collection that undoubtedly will be popular with the women, who are not into too many thrills and gimmicks, but prefer to make a subtle yet assertive statement. 


Lotus Ladegaard is a Copenhagen based house model and publicist.