Bohemian Rhapsody : Backstage, Prague!

Prague is one of those cities that through its rich history and ever changing sense of self has become a center for artists of all forms. A lot of these artists end up within the realm of fashion and each year  we get to see what Prague's best is up to. But beyond the glitz of fashion week catwalks, the backstages provide a more brooding sense of chaos and creativity. And when that happens we are there to capture it.  Prague based photographer, Lydia Vyčitalová captures the essence of the backstage in Prague from day one at MBPFW. 

Back in Black : Backstage,Copenhagen!

Copenhagen fashion week is charming. We sent our equally charming and uber-talented editor-at-large Omi to take in a few shows. The end result is a lush, brooding, dark exposition of the backstages of Anne West, Bitte Kai Rand, Astrid Anderson and everyone in between. 



Lights, Camera... Athens : Backstage, AXDW!

Photographer: Omi  | Curated by: Zoey Grossman


London Calling : Backstage, London!

Photos by Lydia Vycitalova | Curated by Zoey Grossman & Erik Balmer

Special Thanks to Fashion Scout | Nico Panda | Edda Gimnes | Apu Jan | Ashely Williams | Marta Jakubowski | Theo VII | FJU Talents | NS Gaia | Hallie Sara | Dumpty 

(LFW SS18) The Streets of London (LFW SS18)

Photos by  Lÿdia Vyčitalova

Curated by Olivia Moreau


The Sights and Sounds of New York FW Couture Show

Amidst a torrent of shows all across New York city, we decided to ditch the runways (for two hours)  and let loose our fashion editor and renowned artist, Omi to go hunting for a more diverse look at NYFW beyond the walls of top fashion houses. Here is a glimpse of the chaos and wonder that is NYFW.  


A Deux Magazine Retrospective : Top 100 Fashion Photographs of the Year

This year we went to Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Istanbul, Milan, London, Paris, LA, New York, Florence, Sofia, Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Bucharest, Dhaka, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Rome, Melbourne, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Cape Town, Riga, Washington DC, Edinburgh, Budapest, Auckland, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Moscow to cover fashion and find talents. So it is no surprise that at the end of the year we will be sitting on top a heap of photographic treasure. Among the hundreds of photos  in-print and thousands on the web, we selected photos that had at least 1k hits and then curated the top 100 of them for our list.

May the next year be as colorful and eventful as this year. 



Kafka at the Shore: Prague MBPFW AW17 Backstage

Prague. Fashion. Backstage. An artist let loose with a camera. Nothing could go wrong. 

Photographs : Omi

Curated by : Anton Wall


Backstage Bling: Sofia Fashion Week AW17

Our Fashion Editor and world renowned photographer and artist Omi dropped by the Sofia Fashion Week to take in the full spectrum of color and fashion under the Vitosha Mountain. Here is a curated monochrome look at the wonders, chaos and beauty at the backstage of Sofia Fashion Week.

Photography: Omi

Curated by : Matthew Linderman