Magical Surrealism with Garthus Fur

by Olivia Moreau 

The House of Garthus has been one of the primary fur retailers in Norway for decades. Through the ebbs and flows of commerce and fashion, it has maintained a standard that is uniquely its own. This family owned fashion house is seeing a bit of a transition from one generation to another, as Merete Garthus expands the reach of the Garthus house which Erik Garthus built. The quality of Garthus is only rivaled by the attention to details each individual piece exudes. So it was no surprise that we wanted to do an editorial with Erik Garthus fur, in Oslo. We dispatched one of the top-most fashion photographers and artist , Omi to Oslo to shoot this editorial. The end result is an evocative mosaic of old traditions and new design. The balance between modern and pre-modern. With the help of stylist Kenton Moorcroft, and MUA Steven Pimjang, the editorial took a form of its own. Each photograph in the editorial bears the signature look of Omi's now famed technique and Garthus fur's impeccable design. The introduction of Esmeralda design jewelry also added a whimsical quality to what was already a homage to magical surrealism. To say we love the work would be an understatement. 

Team Credits 

Photographer : Omi

Designer : Erik Garthus As

Jewelry : Esmeralda Design As

Models : Sela Valentina of FCI Models & Kine Haraldsen 

Hair and Make-Up : Steven Pimjang of Adam & Eve

Styling : Merete Garthus & Kenton Moorcroft 


Tunisian Spring with Ghassen Oueslati

by Olivia Moreau

Tunisia has been at the center of the Arab spring, so it is no surprise that Tunisia is producing a steady stream of political art and commentary through the means of multimedia. Within a climate like that, it is always easy to forget what is happening within the fashion world in Tunisia. Photographer Ghassen Oueslati provides us with a glimpse of Tunisian fashion that is influenced by its French colonial heritage. While it is still in its infancy in terms of pomp and polish, it is full of vigor and promise. 


Team Credits

Photographer: Ghassen Oueslati
Assisted by Baha Chagouey
Stylist: Hichem Naffeti
Model: Salma Mahjoubi
MUA: Ibtihel Ouaja
Hair stylist: Midou Hair Style

Location: Saphir Yasmine Hammamet Hotel.