Mosaert : A Rwandan Love Story feat. Stromae

by Yulia Martens

Paul Van Haver is no ordinary designer. He is most commonly known as Stromae to millions of his fans. He is europe's answer to Kanye West (sans the temper tantrums). But where Kanye West is both universally loved and hated for his amazing talents and equally relentless ability to generate controversy, the Belgian Van Haver seems to be above it all. His designer brand and creative vehicle Mosaert is a celebration of rwandan colors and belgian minimalism. If you were to fuse the sense of joy you get looking at bold rwandan colors and a belgian chocolate, you would get something in the region of what Paul's team has produced so far. It is a delectable mix of color infused with strong lines. Just like his music, his clothes moves you when you look at them and when you wear them. It is a rare feat for any artist to excel in two very separate realm of art as there is a long list of singers who were /are terrible actresses, actors who are just awful designers, artists who were terrible thespians but Paul is an exception. The complexity of his work here is in the simplicity it produces. 

Mosaert crew :
Coralie Barbier (fashion design)
Paul Van Haver (production - artistic direction) Boldatwork (graphics)
Luc Junior Tam (artistic direction) Roxane Hauzeur (product assistant)

Photographers : Benjamin Brolet & Antoine Melis