Backstage at Bitte Kai Rand : The Holy Grail of Danish Fashion

by the Editorial Staff

To suggest that Bitte Kai Rand is one of the vanguards of Danish Fashion industry would be an understatement. She and her husband Michael started the label in 1981 and from quirky knitwear to classic drapes, she has built the foundation for the Danish market in more ways than one. Her ability to stay relevant; to stay nimble and evolve with the ever-changing dynamic of an industry that looks suspiciously on any legacy and ignores sustained creativity for the sake of a dash of flash has reached legendary status. So it is no surprise that Bitte's backstage is also full of wonder and diversity, not only of clothes but of models, of ideas, of vision, and of clarity. 

                                               Photographs by Omi | Curated by Sarah Pederson