Ruslan Isinev's Stepford Dreams: An Editorial

This Deux Editorial comes straight out of the Iron Curtain. But there's nothing hammer and sickle about it. Designer Vadim Merlis wanted to create a world that was steeped in retro, romanticism and a little bit of madness to complement his excellent designerwear.

Pastel hues, dreamy colors, and a young spirit - are what came out of this collaboration between Vadim and photographer Ruslan Isinev. A sort of idyllic childlike setting juxtaposed by the discontentment of reality is what truly encapsulates Isinev's vision and Merlis's work. 

Team Credits

Photographer: Ruslan Isinev

Models: Daniil Kudryavtsev & Daria Kulikova

Make-Up Artist: Olga Amanova 

Stylist: Tatiana Deryugina

Stylis assistaint: Dmitriy Mironyuk

Designer: Vadim Merlis