The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

by Rachel Silverman

Hungarian designer Anita Pásztor finds joy in the aesthetics of fusion. Her work is deeply entrenched within the realms of the history of Hungarian dressmaking legacy, yet her silhouettes are products of Parisian elegance and her clientele is as global as it gets. This editorial shot on the coastlines of Greece where once the temple of Poseidon stood in its full glory is an exploration of Anita’s work captured through the lens of Smithsonian artist and Vogue photographer Omi.

Incorporating a sense of longing that stems from the shared weight of history and augmenting it with something so magical like the emptiness of a beach where majestic creatures like Duke the Polish sight-hound roams, this editorial delves into the yearning of the past poised with the present while paying homage to the future that is to come. Anita’s magnificent creations are intricate, elaborate and visually outstanding. Her gowns elevate the form of the human body to a point of art. To fully capture that essence and to incorporate a seeing hound’s minimalism into one strand of beautiful narrative is where this editorial finds its full potential. The sun-soaked coastline drenched in torrential rain, the bluest of the sea engulfing lonely mountaintops while model Yulia Zabrovskaya finds a picture perfect moment to unleash Duke’s lean presence, overwhelm the wide angles of Omi’s lens. The beauty of it all, each complementing each in perfect harmony is what you will find in each photo…singular, imposing yet so very subtle, very much like Anita’s work or Duke’s frame, very much like Yulia’s movement or Omi’s vision of a perfect photo.

Anita Pásztor. Designer | Photographer. Omi | Sofia Andriopoulou. Make Up

Model. Yulia Zabrovskaya | Agency. Ace Management

Style Consultant. Renee Karameti | Dresser. Virginia Stravrakaki | Logistics. Irini Andrikopoulou

Post Editing. Alan Bermall | Make-Up. Sofia Andriopoulou | Hair. Panos Tzakos

A Very Special Thanks to Diana Curtis, Yorgo Voyagis and their lovely companion Duke