À L'ombre des Jeunes Filles en Fleurs with Anita Pásztor

by Olivia Moreau

Editorials that bridge aesthetics from minimalist to surrealist is hard to find within the current crop of fashion photography. Apart from Nick Knight and Omi, there really isn't anyone who is doing exceptional work to bridge that gap. So it is no surprise that we got exceptionally excited to provide editorial space for an editorial that is a proper dissection of all the nodes of wonderful aesthetics propped up by clever use of color and couture dresses that are not only complementary but also provides the right kind of elemental presence. This collaboration between renowned artist Omi and Hungarian designer Anita Pásztor pushes the boundaries while remaining firmly grounded in the beauty of fashion. To be able to create such aesthetically pleasing photographs while submerging the philosophy of an editorial into harsher elements and colors require exceptional poise, talent and understanding, all of which are traits that govern Anita Pásztor and Omi's collaboration. 

The woven intricacy of Anita's work has an element of lightness to it that it suits any aesthetic form with ease and poise. But to truly evoke that sense of clarity while remaining true to the lines, silhouettes and forms require a more experimental, more technical approach than a run of the mil editorial photography set. That is why this evolving mood is so important and to capture it with such grace pays homage to the great experimental photographers of our time. In this editorial each photo is an individual narrative, just like each piece of garment of Anita's work which tells a story. The notion of singular narrative gets thrown out and what remains is a wonderfully ecstatic celebration of color, monochrome, steeped into the surrealist fantasies of an artist finding a formidable muse in the form of Eloise Gibbs, an Australian model who was built to handle Parisian winter in bare shoulders. Not many editorials connect and disconnect dots that start from couture to surrealism to minimalism to outright Australian grit... but here we have all of those. Ultimately this is a celebration of fashion in forms of poise, beauty, and intricacy; this is a celebration of art, clarity, and experimentation...above all, it is a celebration of our Parisian existence told through the lens of someone truly exceptional working with exceptional people. And that is what makes this editorial worth writing about. 

Creative Direction  Omi | Anita Pásztor   Photography and Post Processing Omi | Rolf Andersen

MUAH Isabelle Wilmot | Model Eloise Gibbs 

A Very Special Thanks to Hôtel Au Manoir Saint Germain for their wonderful hospitality.