The Rapture of Murmur and the Discontent of Art

by Olivia Moreau 

What drives art forward? Is it an inherently reactive force that rebels against the status quo while trying to fit in and fit outside the realm of our collective notions of aesthetics or is it driven by acute market forces masquerading as a revolution? Such questions are reflective of where we stand in terms of our sense of aesthetics that is driven by commerce as opposed to just sheer art for the sake of it. The latter is rare and untenable, the latter is pre-modern and ineffective as our worlds are deeply engulfed in virtual and non-virtual realities. So to find a designer who encapsulates the discontent of our art while reimagining alternative lifestyle is rare. To find a designer who is commercially successful while maintaining the element of distinct critique is even rarer. That is why Murmur, this small yet influential brand from Bucharest which deals with retro femininity is such a treat to the purists and the commercial forces alike. 

This editorial is a collaboration between the ideas that drive the seamless creativity of Murmur and our conceptual take the discontent of art and reorganization of our sense of aesthetics through it. 


Initially we thought it would be sufficient to focus just on producing an editorial that delves deeper into Murmur's much vaunted aesthetics that is a favorite for many of Hollywood's elite. But we are not a celebrity magazine and avoid that notion of absurdity as much as we can. So we decided to incorporate M.C. Escher-esque sense of how we see things, similar aesthetics in dissimilar ways. The end result is both compelling and confusing, just the way we like it. 

Concept & Photography |  Omi
Fashion Coordination |  Madalina Dragoi & Edi Enache
Model |  Silvana Ciacalau
MUAH |  Octav Mardale & George-Bogdan Negrisan
Thanks | Voilá French Bistro & Paulina Buldumea