The Colors of Litost and Other Fables from Bucharest

by Olivia Moreau 

Milan Kundera, the famed Czech-French novelist once wrote that "...the woman we love ought to swim as slowly as we do, she ought to have no past of her own to look back on happily. But when the illusion of absolute identity vanishes (the girl looks back happily on her past or swims faster), love becomes a permanent source of the great torment we call litost.” While there's a lot of truth to that statement it is always hard to imagine litost through the means of aesthetics. So when photographer Omi climbed on to this project with MUR model management, his primary intention was to construct a singular narrative that constructs the the colors of litost and soak them into a city which is looking back at the same time moving forward. This is the story of litost in Bucharest where the city is the girl looking back while passing you by. It is a story of roman columns and abandoned modernist buildings whispering the litost of longing and the future. This is a story of an artist and his ability to turn seemingly complex yearnings into photographs and photographs into complex yearnings. Kundera has his pen and Omi has his camera. 

Boots & Hat Poema | Dress by Daniella Cristea

Robe by Bianca Popp | Dress trousers, boots & hat by Poema

Kimono by Pretty girl | Dress by Daniella Cristea | Headpiece by Laura Baldini| Boots by Poema| Chocker by Anette Studio | Skirt by Daniella Cristea

Photography  Omi | Concept Valentina Mur & Omi
Fashion Coordination Ana Nechita Amelian
Production Mur Model Management + Deux + Valentina Ionescu
Model  Brindusa | MUAH Cristian Buca + Ileana Dobrotã | Hair Oana Motoi