Dark is the Night with Pauline Mongarny

Marseille-based photographer Pauline created this broody editorial for Deux with the help of LJT Branger of No Season atelier. The minimalist nightwear with the dark overtones conveys a sense of the nightlife in Provence. Shot as an homage to the street style photography and a nod to the ever expanding diversity of fashion, it is an editorial that captures the ever changing, rapidly evolving faces of France. 


Team Credits: 

Model: Anya Smith, Elodie Sellito et Véronqiue Amaddio
MUAH: Marine Amaddio, Tiffany Perez, Ornella Assalonne, Elisa Chareyre
Designer: No Season Atelier by Léa Branger
Photographer: Pauline Mongarny

Special Thanks to IPN Club, Aix-en-Provence, France.