Erdem and the Artistry of Storytelling

by Bianca Hill

Everyone has stories. Everyone shares them in ways that are most comfortable to them. But some stories can only be shared through the means of aesthetics as opposed to language. And that is where fashion designers like Erdem Moralioglu translate conceptual verbosity into a singular thread of romanticism. His pre-fall collection was also his last in his tiny atelier. He is moving on to a bigger spread of victorian real estate across London. But that transition did not affect his collection negatively. Erdem like an expert novelist weaved his craft into pink brocade dresses to A-line midi skirts. His collection tows the delicate line of being modern while envisioning the 40s through the lens of the 70s. If that sounds ridiculous then all you have to do is look at his work. Sometimes words are poor translations for aesthetic value and beauty and Erdem's pre-fall is a testament to that level of artistry.