Black is the New Black with Elizabeth and James

by Olivia Moreau

This pre-fall season color has been the outright winner. From bold solids to prints, the industry is soaked, steeped, drenched in color, so when a collection like Elizabeth and James pops up with only binary black and white, you tend to look more closely at the collection. 

Linen trousers and midi dresses were just a few of the standouts from this collection which is neither elaborate nor minimalist. While this may seem very basic to some of the more expressive fashionistas, this collection has a charm that grows once you start looking at it carefully. It is tailored for an LA day out into the calming sun or a quiet night out in Bali. Just like black and white, the collection itself has a timeless quality to it and not many designers can claim such a narrative in a fast fashion world. 



Olivia Moreau is a Sorbonne-educated Parisian journalist and blogger. She routinely writes on the history of aesthetics and its impact on fashion.