Hornof.tv and the German Weltenschauung

by Lotus Ladegaard

Hornof.tv is the brainchild of German born womenswear designer Frederick Hornof. He recently graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts and has announced that he will only promote his collections through a series of cinematic clips that will accompany a direct-to-consumer website, a standard trend among established fashion brands as well as the emerging and young designers. 

With cinematic clips directed by Lee Wei Swee and a photoshoot in Antwerp's Bell Tower, Frederick's first foray into commercial fashion arrives with a sense of polish and whimsy most young designers don't acquire until their 5th or 6th collection. 

Frederick launched the Hornof.tv brand and its first collection along with a vision to create luxury ephemeral garments for women. Hornoft.tv's SS17 collection is avant-garde, edgy yet has classic silhouettes with the cohesive theme of roses. The colour palette is kept simple:  black, white and burgundy with a few splashes of bright green and red and just a simple yet effective print in black and white. The silhouettes are kept classic, but the actual pieces are anything but. 
From lace legged trousers to cut-out rose pieces, Hornof.tv created a collection that is wearable and relevant. 

The long black dress with the white edges and many slits is absolutely exquisite and has plenty of editorial appeal. The rose themed pieces are also worth a look. The white shirt with black bootcut trousers and the rose themed belt is another piece that undoubtedly will win over fashionistas around the world. The long green dress is absolutely gorgeous and will do well with women of all ages and sizes. Hornof.tv's collection overall has a sense of composure that is rarely found in youth but some of us have old souls.