Rothko and the Moody Blues of Prabal Gurung

by Olivia Moreau

Mark Rothko, the famous artist left an inedible mark on the landscape of American art. After immigrating from Russia to the USA he went through an artist's life...full of genius, promise, fame, and self-doubt. His abstractionist art is viewed as both simple and complex. So it is no surprise the Prabal Gurung, the darling designer would find inspiration Rothko's work. Gurung who is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion found himself on the losing end of an election that was fraught with division and hatred. And like the artist he is, he replied to the general feeling of anxiety and discontent with a narrative that is seeped in dark moody colors of Rothko aptly introduced in color blocks. The intricate stitching complemented by elegant silhouettes complete this pre-fall style with a sense of unstated classical brevity that makes a good collection a great collection. Gurung has done what most designers are unable to do ...he has created a collection that not only encapsulates the art but also engulfs the artist. And that is a near impossible task unless you are a Rothko or a Gurung. 


Olivia Moreau is a Sorbonne-educated Parisian journalist and blogger. She routinely writes on the history of aesthetics and its impact on fashion.