Keep Calm and Carry On with Victoria Beckham

by Lotus Ladegaard

Victoria Beckham launched her fashion brand in 2008 with a low-key presentation. Over the years it has grown into a fixture at New York Fashion Week and Victoria Beckham has made a transition from a novelty pop star in the fashion industry to a respected designer who has successfully transitioned from Pop stardom to fashion designer. 
Victoria Beckham uses herself as inspiration for her designs. It is a fashion statement of her continuing evolution of her personal style and where she is as a person.

In her Pre-fall collection, her usual corseted bodices have become more loose. While dresses and tops are still fitted, they have been mixed with pieces with less structure and with a 'laid-back' attitude. 

The colour palette is anything, but simple; Beige, brown and black mixed with loud prints and different striped fabrics make the collection easy to mix and match with other pieces. While our reservation the incisions and pleads remain, they do, however, carry 'the look' in some of the white pin-striped pieces. The rough edges adds a nice edgy touch to the very stylistic (even when relaxed) world of Victoria Beckham.

Her structured designs such as the black suit that is almost bare-back is worth a double take. It has tons of editorial appeal, but still remains classic and relevant. Her coats and vest are slim-lined but other than that do not have much design to them. 

 The collection itself will undoubtedly do well with her followers and perhaps further establish her as one of the very few people who had transitioned seamlessly from britpop to brit fashion royalty. 



Lotus Ladegaard is a house model and a fashion writer based in Copenhagen.