Giving in to Givenchy

by Laura Keil

Ricardo Tisci's Givenchy era is going to go down as one of the most important one in Givenchy's history. The pre-fall which furthers the narrative on Givenchy's spring collection which was one of the standouts of the year. The mirror embellishments ( famous sidekick for Meryl Streep's Golden Globe Anti-trump speech) has had a constant presence in the last two collections. Add a splash of mandala prints and college inspired gear and what you have is a diverse, eclectic and ultimately luxurious collection with understated appeal. 

The built-in silk scarves and cashmere camel coats added a layer (no pun intended)  of whimsy to an otherwise serious collection. This will not go down as the best ever Givenchy collection but just like a paint drop on a Jackson Pollock , Ricardo Tisci is building a masterpiece piece by piece and the more we see the bigger picture, the more we love it. 



Laura Keil is an LA based fashion writer.