Christian Dior SS17: Feminism, Functionality and Flattery

by Katherine Thomas

Maria Chuiri took on the most prevalent themes of this year and encapsulated them into a single narrative in Dior's SS17 collection. From black to red to sheer the conversation was about feminism and fashion. Dior's collection while at times a bit rough around the edges exuded a sense of invincibility that only a fully established powerhouse can replicate. In many ways that has always been Dior's stronger suit and Maria understands that very well. Behind the delicate sheer, prints and imposing red and black remains a fashion house which for better or for worse refuses to adhere to just trends while digging its heels to counter the vapid world of fashion bloggers and 'influencers'. In many ways Dior surpasses, ignores that reality of fashion commercialization and ultimately leaves it behind by doing what it knows best. 



Katherine Thomas is a scottish writer based in Paris.