Moschino SS17 : Peppered with Paper Dolls

by Bianca Hill

In a world overrun with Instagram celebrities and fame induced consumerism not many designers are able to poke fun at the cartoonish culture of excess while selling the same cartoonish culture to the masses as a form of artistic subversion. Moschino tows that line too well and at times to its detriment. The SS17 collection had everything that is good about Moschino. It provided mind blowingly amusing, whimsical clothes and made models like Gigi Hadid, Irina Shyak seem like they are there to plug Moschino not the other way around. That in itself is a testament to the strong collection Moschino produced this collection. Trompe-l'œil prints with paper dolls in 2D waking towards you is visually worthy of the intrigue Moschino always offers and we were intrigued. Ultimately this collection was an emphatic Yes! to Moschi-No !