From Oslo With Love

by Andrea Stenslie

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in sunny California and cold Oslo provided me with an appreciation of not only style trends but also cultural trends. My 19 year old self has a lot to learn but finds joy in fashion like no other, while I get ready to pursue a career in LA as an actress. 
Everyone has their own sense of style and what looks good on them. And as a fashion enthusiast I wont say that the styles you see on here would work for you but I can safely say that it would give you some sense of where fashion is heading while remaining grounded. 
My first and most important tip would be to think about what color works on you and stick to it. For the most part, I do not experiment with colors, so I usually stick to black, white and denim. I have a huge denim obsession, and you will always catch me in either a denim jacket, shorts or dress during the summer, and then jeans during the winter. My obsession has gone so far that everyone I know always says 'that's so you'. And it is always fun to find the material that works for you the most.  
I believe that clothing expresses who you are, and should enhance  and complement your natural beauty and shape. You should always step out feeling confident and comfortable with what you are wearing. In my opinion, you should never follow trends unless they are in tune with your style and wardrobe and always go for something that compliments your body shape. If does not require bespoke jeans or silk to look good. You look good once you feel good about it. And the sole goal of this style blog is to explore that sense of joy and comfort with you. 
Check out some the pieces I am wearing to find some stylistic inspiration. 



Andrea Stenslie is an Oslo based  aspiring actress and blogger.