This Digital Life

Tech apps may not seem like the answer to a life full of nourishment, but in today’s busy “always on” world, you might as well have your mobile devices work for - rather than against - you.

From incorporating mindfulness, connecting to Mother Earth, and making kind and smart choices from what you buy to what you put into your mouth, the following apps truly have the power to make your life a little more conscious and a whole lot more enjoyable!

Eat only “green leaf” certified meals with Meal Garden.

This digital recipe app makes it super simple to find whole food meals from a variety of trusted nutritional experts that suit your own custom dietary concerns and goals. Pin them to your calendar, get your grocery list done for you, and spend less time thinking about your meals and more time enjoying them.

Stay Fashionable - without harm, with Good on You.

With trusted ethical ratings at the palm of your hand, never question what is consciously “safe” to buy - only if it looks flattering on (there’s no app for that yet…).

Take deep mindful breaths with Headspace

Meditation can be an intimidating thing to jump into - especially if you’re new to the world of holistic wellness. For all you beginners, this app is the perfect way to transition into incorporating a mindful practice into your daily regime. Commit to a few minutes a day, every day, and start to reap the benefits of the power and strength that a conscious mind can bring to your life.

Sync yourself up with the Moon with Moon Phase 

Living by the Moon cycle is an ideal way to get back in touch with the elements of nature (which many of us are quite disconnected from). Using the moon to guide you may seem a bit “airy-fairy”, but there are actually many scientific reports for the effects of the moon on human behavior. Regardless of how much you’re willing to buy into the idea that the moon phases affect our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing, the Moon Phase app will keep you up to date on exactly what’s “up” with the moon from day to day (i.e. waning vs. waxing) - you can decide from there how much you’d like to read into it.

Turn your everyday habits into admirable sustainable pursuits with JouleBug 

Gamify your life’s most mundane activities by using this app to use resources - without using them up. Live more efficiently at work, home, and play!

Find your green thumb with Gardroid

If you can’t even keep a cactus alive, don’t fret it - maybe you simply haven’t had the right app to guide you to flourishing success. This tool walks you through the right choices when it comes to soil type and fertilizing of various plants, the desired temperatures to sow, and more to keep your garden organized - and more importantly, alive.