Copenhagen, The Beauty in the Beast

by Kristiana Kuneva

Copenhagen is one of those cities that evoke imageries of Vikings however, walking down the streets of Copenhagen, one cannot remain unmoved by the winning combination of modern-day architectural glam fusing with its fabled history. 

From the corridors of the royal castles of Amalienborg and Christiansborg, to Kronborg where Shakespeare's Hamlet went mad provides a wonderful backdrop to a place that understands it's role in history yet cherishes it's progression as a modern state that is envy of many.  The Little Mermaid statue (Den lille Havfrue), inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous tale is just another place in a country steeped in literature and history.

For a traveler, the best-hidden gems are littered around Copenhagen from a walk in the captivating Assistens Cemetery Park (Assistens Kirkegård)  to one-of-a-kind Tivoli Gardens. If you’re more into feeding-the-soul type of experiences, the fishing cottages and crafts shops of the self-built community of Nokken area (southern Copenhagen) is a must-see. It’s like a smaller version of Freetown Christiania but with fewer political strings attached.  But if you happen to end up on the anarchist commune don't forget to visit  “Morgenstedet” eatery-club with their organic vegetable soups at very reason prices. Unlike Anarchism their soups are worth dying for.  

Danish cuisine is probably one of the fascinating aspect of Copenhagen. Denmark’s most famous open sandwiches (smørrebrød) are a delicious treat either in an old-style restaurant or at the Copenhagen street food market where the price (>50 DKK) includes a waterfront view, too! If you’re starving though, a grilled-cheese sandwich at “Fætter Fætter” toast bar would be able to keep you sufficiently nourished for the whole day. 

When it comes to desserts there are not many places that can compete with Copenhagen. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or not, the Danish chocolate frogs filled with liquor spirits are not to be missed!

However, for those eager to live the Viking experience, the “Lejre Land of Legends” open-air museum is the best place to travel through time; so is piecing together a “Lego” pirate ship (yes, Denmark is the land of “Lego”, too). Fans of modern urban life, on the other hand, should take the kayak trip along the channels. 

Ultimately Copenhagen is bigger than the sum of all Denmark in many ways. It has danish roots but every international feel to it . And it is definitely a city worth visiting any time of the year. 



Kristiana Kuneva is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in London.