Tunisian Spring with Ghassen Oueslati

by Olivia Moreau

Tunisia has been at the center of the Arab spring, so it is no surprise that Tunisia is producing a steady stream of political art and commentary through the means of multimedia. Within a climate like that, it is always easy to forget what is happening within the fashion world in Tunisia. Photographer Ghassen Oueslati provides us with a glimpse of Tunisian fashion that is influenced by its French colonial heritage. While it is still in its infancy in terms of pomp and polish, it is full of vigor and promise. 


Team Credits

Photographer: Ghassen Oueslati
Assisted by Baha Chagouey
Stylist: Hichem Naffeti
Model: Salma Mahjoubi
MUA: Ibtihel Ouaja
Hair stylist: Midou Hair Style

Location: Saphir Yasmine Hammamet Hotel.