This (Concrete) American Life : An Editorial by Louis Carrupt

Parisian Stylist Carrupt Louis and Photographer Val Laskarides met up in New York to shoot an editorial. Their combined talent and clothes from Henrik Vibskov to True Talent laid the groundwork for an editorial that spoke to the levity and movement of the city. Add flower to the process and what we have is an aesthetic exploration of the concrete jungle that is New York City in it's harsh, treeless glory with a touch of color and flowers. 


Art Director / Stylist : Carrupt Louis 
Photographer / MUA : Val Laskarides
Models : Hannah Ginn (@Hannahginn) / Raquel Williams (@Raquellion)

Wardrobe provided by : Henrik Vibskov, Reality Studio, Rideau, True Tradition, Lino, Palmiers du Mal, Unplugged Museum and Vfiles.