The Moody Equipoise of Elaine Hersby

Copenhagen has been the hub of functional, minimalist fashion for a long time. Along with its push for sustainability within fashion the city itself has produced a hub of designers and artists who embody the true spirit of the cold north. This editorial is a celebration of that spirit through the prism of Elaine Hersby. Elaine has the potential to be a stalwart within the Danish industry not only because of her years spent with Acne Studio and Henrik Vibskov but also because of her ability to add an extra layer of luxury to the otherwise fabled functional clothing from Denmark. The moody silhouettes of Elaine Hersby is a perfect reminder of the balance of art and fashion. 

Photography: Emma Matell | Model: Maya Leroux
Hair & Make Up: Mads Stig | Post Edit: Nika Barone | Copy Editor: Cara Livingtone

                                  Clothes, Mood and Everything in Between : Elaine Hersby