The Rising with Art.Look

Art.Look is not your traditional Bulgarian or balkan brand. It bypasses a lot of stagnant aesthetics that has become associated with smaller balkan markets. This specific editorial at the back of Art.Look’s first full international show, is an exploration of a brand that is deeply rooted in its history of incorporating art into fabric and rising above the barriers of a small market, stagnant cultural aesthetics and above all becoming a global player. Art.Look with the help of Prima Ballerina Katerina Petrova and Vogue Photographer Omi sets out a tone that rises above tribalism, nationalism and holds true to the old adage that only art transcends time. Hence this editorial is aptly title “The Rising”…rising like a prima ballerina among the ashes, rising like a global artist from the shackles of market forces.. and ultimately lifting everyone with it.

Creative Direction + Photography : Omi | Model : Prima Ballerina Katerina Petrova

MUAH: Svetlana Arsova | Designer : Dilyana Mateeva for Art.Look | Post Edits : Sylvia Tan