Come Hither with Zuhair Murad

by Samantha Mitten 

Cascading ruffles and lace down the back, the overskirt brimming with intrigue and the siren song of High Couture are all evident in Zuhair Murad's fantastic bridal collection. While his impact on the bridal industry is substantial, it's his ability to provide variations within static looks that may otherwise hamper lesser designers. The details overwhelmed with tiny beads and sequins only add to the fairytale that is Murad's work. The aesthetics presented in this collection is of exceptional quality further enhancing Murad's reputation as one of the premier dressmaker of our time. To wear a Murad dress is to wear one of the cannons of bridal fashion. And that gravity of history is not lost on Murad or his team. The consistent out of excellence suggests Murad is not resting on his laurels and we are grateful for that.