Monochromed to Pieces with Shaina Mote

by Lara Skarsgaard 

L.A, fashion has always been stuck with the Hollywood crowd. The hip, the cool, the California beach girl to ska-punk disruptors came from the peripheries of California culture that is more san Francisco than LA. But like everything in life, the fashion scene in L.A. has been steadily changing and producing designers that are comfortable creating monochrome solid silhouettes vs bright pink fur coat with silver linings. And that is where Shaina Mote comes in. Her new collection is deftly done, rich with details and texture, and crafted in the monochrome silhouettes she has started to get noticed for. The flow, the movements, the lines are all a product of a designer who is capable of constructing thoughtful pieces without forgoing levity and spontaneity. And for that reason, her work stands out and does so well in a market soaking with California sun and otherwise tedious everyday fashion.