Street Cred with Donatella's Versace

by Lotus Ladegaard

Versace is as iconic as its founder Gianni Versace, who founded the Fashion House back in 1978. Versace and fashion go hand in hand and every season, fashionistas around the globe turn their eyes to the luxury brand's latest collection. After Gianni's untimely death Donatella Versace  took over and maintained and solidify Versace's position as the monach of the hill of high fashion.  

For the Prefall Collection 2017, Versace has focused it's substantial talent to streetwear. While the actual silhouettes remain classic and mostly fitted, the embellishments and effects are pulling the collection towards high-end luxury street couture which make for quite an intriguing and youthful collection. The colour palette is kept in black, burgundy, dark green, turquoise and prints adding splashes of pink, purple, yellow and red. The prints stand out and are loud and bold. 

The printed dress and suit are delicious. The black jacket lapel is the icing on the cake. The long black dress and suit with jugendstil / art nouveau embellishment are other formidable pieces. The little short dress with different prints is utterly exquisite, the prints almost create the illusion of a lace dress. The black and burgundy jumpsuit references the 80's and while that seems to be an ongoing trend, it is less flattering, but it will undoubtedly excite some. The coats look rich and luxurious and will appeal to the younger crowd.

All in all, Versace has created a beautiful collection with a little something for most fashionistas around the world. The younger followers will love the entire collection while mature followers might not go for the entire collection, but just a few select stand out pieces. 



Lotus Ladegaard is a Copenhagen based fashion writer and house model.