Fendi on Modernism, Wit and Femininity

by Olivia Moreau 

Among the large fashion houses in Italy, none is more synonymous with modernity than Fendi. Fendi does not do nostalgia or revisiting, it just moved forward. This pre-fall collection is a testament to that ability to not only move forward in terms of aesthetics but also materials and presentation of those materials. The romanticism at play here is firmly on the cusp of modernism as opposed to revisiting sets of the 70s or 80s.  While there are brands who specialize in experimentation of that specific equipoise of romanticism and modernism, there are hardly anyone who does this so well so consistently.

This pre-fall collection feels, looks like a playful homage to modernist structure while remaining strongly feminine. And ultimately it is a poster for a brand that values illusion and presentation as much as it values fashion and the aesthetic philosophy that drives it.



Olivia Moreau is a Sorbonne-educated Parisian journalist and blogger. She routinely writes on the history of aesthetics and its impact on fashion