Gucci and the Art of Slaying

by Sara Cross

One of the hardest thing to do in fashion is to be able to push the aesthetic boundaries of what is acceptable as a form of expression. Due to overwhelmingly commercial nature of the business creativity often takes a step back when it comes to pushing the envelope. For smaller designers that risk is mortifying as it may ruin future earning and for established houses that risk is sheer dollars and cents as it may affect the value of the company if a specific collection is pushing the creative envelope but not pushing the commercial one. So an envelope full of cash is the best envelope to push in fashion. Within this environment, Gucci's pre-fall collection is a testament to the iconic status of the brand and it's ability to harness over-the-top aesthetics only Gucci can pull off without the outcry of fashion police. 

This specific and exhaustive collection provides further proof that Alessandro Michele's well of creativity is not drying up. The contrasting narrative, the circular movements and outlandish animal figures from dragons to tiger-like cats suggest Gucci and it's creative team are right on top of their game. This collection consisting of 80 odd looks is an anthology of Gucci's past and a blueprint (excuse the pun) of Gucci's future. From gaudy to garish to gorgeous whatever your drug is, Gucci has an answer for it and they come in loose fitting pant suits to well tailored dresses. If you are confident and all fashion forward this is the collection for you. And when you are done with this collection ten years down the road your children would be sporting this as vintage and still look fly in them. 



Sara Cross is a Juilliard trained dancer and actress. In her free time she enjoys writing about fashion, politics and gender identity.