Bottega Veneta on Continuity and Moving On

by Sandra Kaufman

Continuity does not always translate into quality. Sometimes it leads to static. So when a brand like Bottega Veneta which has been on the scene for the last 50 years that scrutiny is inevitable. But with Tomas Maier at the helm for 15 years moving forward rapidly from leather to silk to everything in between Bottega Veneta does not suffer from the follies of time, nor does it suffer from the fads that come and go. With it's understated luxury and complete rejection of the bling culture BV has remained a standard bearer for us all who would rather not be a peacock. That does not mean BV is not a brand that fail to is a brand that slowly takes over your wardrobes and closets and this new pre-fall 2017 collection is no different. From the fluid, floor-length evening attires in viscose jersey to the graceful black dress with encrustations of Art Deco crystals the beauty of this collection is in the details, yet none of those details are individually significant to make one specific detail stand out. It is a collection that encapsulates every important detail into one unifying fantastic narrative. 


Sandra Kaufman is a New York based investment banker and a fashion writer.