Glaudi's Parisian Nights

by Sophie Duchamp

Fashion has been one of the primary vehicles of globalization. So it is no surprise to find tiny specks of magic from Asia to America, settling on the cusp of Paris Fashion Week. Our designer focus has always been a mixture of the greats and the emerging talents that would reach that point of stupendous heights. From Anna Molinari to Henrik Vibskov, from Tom Ford to Katherine Hammel, we have had the pleasure of seeing the intricate arrangements of backstage to runway magic through many Parisian seasons. The orchestra of delight and the visual ecstasy is what we aspire to seek out in our exploration of runway shows. And that is where we find ourselves…at the backstage of the global brand Glaudi by Johana Hernandez. Based in LA Johana’s work exudes a certain Parisian-American charm that can only be truly captured if you are a second culture child. Johana has built up a significant following in her home town where glamor reigns supreme. So it would be foolish to think a show with Glaudi would be anything less than glamorous. But what is surprising is the functionality and the poise to which Johana delivers her masterpieces. The Maldives, the villas, the white sand soaked coastlines are the foundational aesthetics of Glaudi’s fall collection. But the story is much more nuanced, far more global and ultimately evokes a sense of longing of friendship, camaraderie and glamor tied in a pristine bow of sumptuous excellence.

The inspiration for this collection is firmly entrenched within a world where a Mexico-born heiress hosts her equally influential friends at a white-tie gala by the Indian ocean. Along with a sense of affluence each friend brings their own elements of their global culture to the forefront of this gala. From beaded crystals encrusted gowns in midnight azure to lunar white beads catching the sparkles like a full moonlight reflecting in the evening… the narrative writes itself. Primarily, it is a celebration of affluence and beauty. It is also a celebration of femininity and an unapologetic proclamation of inclusiveness when it comes to shapes and sizes of the human form.

Glaudi’s presence in the Paris circuit is relatively new. But it does not suffer from the syndrome of timidity or nervous energy. It is polished, it is delicately tailored with silhouettes that expands the role of diversity within body-shape. From the brightly lit corners of the backstage where Vogue Photographer Omi crafts his film-like seminal tones of this specific show to the spotlights of the runway at the Ritz, Glaudi pushes the envelope in the right direction; Glaudi becomes mesmerizing with a hint of LA, Maldives and everything in between.

Glaudi becomes Paris.