Deux Magazine accepts submissions from emerging photographers, designers, fashion brands, stylists, artists, bloggers, writers and the Fashion Police. If We like your work we will feature It on our website, magazine or both. By submitting your work to us, you grant us permission to use your work in Our publications, websites, advertisements and marketing materials. By submitting your work to us, You explicitly acknowledge that you are the copyright Holder or have written permission to use the submitted content. Deux is not responsible for any possible copyright infringement. A release Form is required to be signed by the photographer or Stylist if a submission is accepted.

If we like your submissions, we will feature it on our website in webitorials. If we LOVE your submissions, we will feature it in our magazine or Assign you more work. We will only respond to submissions we are interested in publishing and showcasing. 

Here are the Requirements:

  • All fashion editorials require 6-8 photos, with minimal repeats. Ideally, 4-6 different looks. (Email Us first for Blog Submissions)

  • 10 pages = 5 spreads, 2 horizontal shots, 6 vertical shots.  

  • Beauty stories require 5 different photos, with 5 different makeup looks.

  • We love photoshop but we do not love it when it alters a person's fundamental look. So please avoid changing shapes or color of a model. A light touch up is expected but anything significant will render the submission as unacceptable.

  • Lastly, If you are sending us an Editorial Please make sure you are not sending the Same editorial to other magazines. We will not accept Editorials that have been submitted to Other magazines. We have 2.5 Million readers and our content needs to be tailored just for them.                                    


If you are comfortable with the above criteria then please send Submissions and Collaborations request to :