Richard Malone and a Different Kind of Blue

by Cara Livingstone

Richard Malone opened London Fashion Week in style. His collection came bursting through the runway with vigor and color, with a sense of clarity and deep appreciation for the avant-garde. It was a collection that announced the arrival of a truly special talent in its full flight. From the women weavers in Tamil Nadu to the runways of London Richard's work evokes a sense of integrity and inclusiveness that is rarely on display in a world where activism in fashion equates to printing some social commentary on a t-shirt. This was a collection that hit the right burst color with the right silhouettes. Of all the shows we have seen so far (and we have seen a ton in NYFW and now in LFW), Richard Malone's work has been our favorite. Not because it was sourced with the right intention (it helps) but because as a stand-alone collection it is truly extraordinary without the added knowledge of inclusivity, integrity that seems to be printed all over Richard's clothing. The avant-garde silhouettes and varied shades of blue did not overshadow the fact that Richard's clothes are made for many different shapes and sizes without compromising an inch of the excellent aesthetics.