MBPFW SS18 Runway Recap Day 3 : Prague in Poise

by Carolina Fernendez

Mercedes-Benz Prague fashion week rolled into its third day of runways with a distinct residue of the night before where Zuzana Kubickova unleashed her new collection. So anything mediocre or ordinary would have looked particularly appalling. But during the last day of the runways along with Zuzana (from the previous night), Atelier Módní Tvorby and ODIVI lit up the MBPFW bringing close to what has been a consistently strong showing from participating designers. Unlike Copenhagen or Stockholm even Berlin where the amount of really good shows are rivaled by mediocre shows, Prague has been able to maintain a steady standard of excellence. As Prague fashion week runways close for the year here are the shows from the last day that really stood out.  

Zuzana Kubíčková is the darling of Prague. She carries a lot of goodwill as she is through and through from Prague, yet her exposure to France and Iceland makes her work an intriguing proposition as it is hard to pin down the true inspiration. In her SS18 collection is filled with the feminine charm of soft colors and flower embroideries. Her clever usage of silhouettes in silk gushing with color and patterns were wonderfully complemented by her more subdued looks. Her collection stood out not only because it is so well polished and well thought out but it had global appeal to it.

ODIVI which is the brainchild of  Iva Burkertová was one of the standouts for the fashion week in Prague. If freeing the nipple was a real movement she would surely be at the center stage of demystifying the female anatomy. That being said, her work is exemplary and her collection oozed with the aesthetics of a well-tailored revolution. She did not veer off into fantastical colors of the rainbow as she remained confines into neutral colors but the extraordinary aspect of her work were the fine symmetry complemented by deconstruction.   

Umprum's Atelier Módní Tvorby provided a jolt of youthful exuberance in the form of Spanx to deconstructed shirts to outright androgynous clothing that showed a glimpse of what is in the works for future designers coming out of Umprum. While the collection was varied and at times not cohesive the promise shown within the individual looks suggest a creative output of the highest quality. Introduction of strong colors along with traditional silhouettes provided a point and counter point to a collection of creatives whose sole goal has been to push the envelope forward.