MBPFW SS18 Runway Recap Day 1 : Prague in Bloom

by Cara Livingstone


Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion week kicked off this weekend. Among the newbies and heavy hitters, Zoltán Tóth, Miro Sabo, and Lukáš Krnáč stood out.

Zoltán Tóth's ability to produce an ultra-feminine-functional couture-like collection was something that made him one of the most promising designers at MBPFW last season. This season his work seems to be moving in the right direction. His ability to comprehensively find a balance between functionality and opulence is worth a double take. 

If Tóth had the audacity of youth on his side, Miro Sabo has experience on his. Slovakia born Miro Sabo has been the darling of Prague fashion scene ever since he broke through with his brand in 2012. This year's collection provided further evidence of why he is so beloved. From long form dresses with oversized and deconstructed collars and shoulders to a splash of color and print made his collection feel polished and chic'. This is a brand that is top of its game and it shows in every single look. 

Lukáš Krnáč's career trajectory is identical to Zoltan's. Both are young and fresh and both like to infuse their sense of aesthetics with a bit of whimsy and charm. If Zoltán work is more grounded, then Lukáš's work is more aloof and steeped in a bit of whimsy, color and outright dare.