MBPFW17 Day 1 Recap of Prague Fashion Week

by Omi 

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion week has always been a staple for smaller fashion weeks in central and eastern Europe. Due the rich cultural and literary history, Prague as a city has always been fashion forward. Despite a very small market the designers that come out of the fashion schools in Czech republic tend to exhibit a certain sense of avant-garde aesthetics. So it is always a pleasure to see what the newer, emerging designers in MBPFW are creating for the fashion week. 

This year's show opener Miro Sabo had a very distinct look that found it's inspiration in Americana or more precisely new Americana where street style reigns supreme. The relatively young designer Miro almost subconsciously created a collection that was both a celebration and a critique of what American style is at the height of political upheaval. His ability to deconstruct basic streetwear is worth a look. From stripped athleisure pants to batman hoodies were the standout looks from Miro's collection. It will be interesting to see how he builds from this collection as it is still somewhat raw around the edges but the promise is all too evident. 

Fashion has an ability to incorporate diverging ideas and identities into one singular narrative and Alter Era has that fused identity that has its roots in Italy, a bit of splash from the west coast of America and a strong identity that is distinctly European. The beauty of Alter Era is that it can be many things to many people. The risk is that it can be many things to many people. So as long as  Alicia Declerck and Zhanna Belskaya, can tow that line where their singularity is also a diverging identity, they will continuously produce solid work. The leather gloves and mazelike intricacy of their clothing would suit a Parisian heiress as much as it would suit a rebellious punk rocker.   

Daniela Peskova bought into the idea of deconstruction not only as a post-modern concept but also a concept that can be used to reorganize aesthetics of clothes that we see in everyday life. The end result is a strong, interesting and above all an avant-garde exposition of lines and de-layering. From the red reconstructed suit to the beautiful faux-fur coat, Daniela's work left a strong impression of femininity with a post-modern twist. 

Antonín Soukup, Miroslava Kohutiarová and Katarína Ravasová are the creative forces behind award winning La Formela. The steady dissection of red was the general theme of this collection. Unlike the other designers La Formela stuck to a more cohesive expression of street wear and are likely to be more commercially appealing for that specific reason. La Formela's narrative was comprehensive and it seemed like their focus was to dress you fully. And that is a trait of designer houses that want to go big. It is likely that La Formela will follow that path assuming they keep on producing quality attires like these.