MBPFW AW17 : Nehera's Siren Song

by Omi

Nehera has a long history within the fashion industry. At the height of its influence, Nehera had 130 retail stores spanning three continents. But world events impacted the growth of this resolute brand and it disappeared for a while until it was resurrected in 2014  under the guardianship of Samuel Drira.

Nehera as a brand has evolved into a formidable force among Slovak designers. From Paris to Prague it has garnered a bevy of admirers who consider Nehera's aesthetic to be a fusion between femininity and liberation. This AW17 collection adds to that substantial following by adding deconstruction and whimsical silhouettes. The duality in beige palette along with the flow of the monochrome dresses provided a slow burning aesthetics that created a singular narrative of class and whimsy. The details on the golden dresses and the long deconstructed sleeves were some of the highlights of a polished, mature show that could easily fit in New York or Milan. Nehera's AW17 collection has the hallmark of a house in ascendancy.