Remain and the Poise of Scandinavia

by Lotus Ladegaard

Remain is a new brand under the household brand of Birger Christensen, a staple of Danish fashion. Remain explores modern-day women and everyday life that consumes them.

For SS20 Remain presented a beautiful and stylish collection with untraditional models at Copenhagen's High Street. The color palette was classic and neutral with lots of white, black, camel, and a subtle delicate yellow. The silhouettes were easy-to-wear and ranged from stylist coats to maternity wear. The maternity coat-dress stood out as a very stylish look for mothers to be. The yellow pantsuit was another stand-out and felt very timeless. Many of the looks had a classic stylish feel about them along with a sense of effortlessness.

Remain might be a new brand, however, it is bound to do well within the confines of Scandinavia due to its exquisite finishing and design DNA.