Emilie Helmstedt's Summer of Colorful Rebellion

by Lotus Ladegaard

Emilie Helmstedt is one most celebrated newcomers within the Danish industry. The young designer hopes she will be remembered for her overall aesthetics rather than specific collections. And her current foray into that grand mosaic is remains consistent with that vision.

Emilie Helmstedt's universe is colorful and playful. She prefers easy silhouettes of refined luxurious loungewear as opposed to the cut throat elements of minimalism that has been so prevalent within danish fashion. So it is easy to stand out in color soaked thrills and frills that dictate Emilie’s world.

For SS20, Emilie Helmstedt created a bold and colorful collection that felt playful and fresh. Models walked a runway decorated like a forest with bright red mushrooms and green patches. The silhouettes were easy-to-wear, voluminous and easy. The color palette was packed with bold and bright colors and prints. Several pieces stood out and made for an exciting show such as the easy-to-wear purple a-line dress and a red and white checkered coat styles with pants in the same textile and print.

Another favorite was the rainbow checkered dress with draped sleeves and styled with a bonnet. Emilie Helmstedt delivered an exciting and playful collection in line with her previous work. It is easy and intriguing to detect how she is evolving.


Styling: Helmstedt

Music: Esben Weile

Choreography: Ronni Morgenstjerne

Hair: Anne Cofone, Studio Cim Mahony & Barnholdts

Makeup: Rikke Dengsø assisted by Yasmine Gigi, M.A.C Cosmetics

Set-design Graffvallant & Andrea Bjørløw assistance by Svend Brandt

Guest management: Patriksson Group

Production: Nikoline Oda Gomolka

Jewelry: Niels Monies