Cala Jade and the Longevity of Craftsmanship

by Lotus Ladegaard

Despite being a newcomer, Cala Jade has quickly made a name for themselves as a luxury accessories brand with an eye for detail and materials. Their functional, yet edgy and timeless designed bags and accessories have excited the world of fashion and it is easy to see why. Cala Jade’s new collection offers all the bags you need and then some. From big stylish shoulder bags to smaller and sophisticated bags and edgy clutches, Cala Jade knows what women crave. With a focus on the physical attributes of the materials, their origin, and treatment, Cala Jade stands out among its peers. For each collection, the designers carefully select high-quality materials and the little details such as minuscule, rivet, buckles, and seams. Their design philosophy has inspired two lines; the refined and feminine Cala, and the androgynous and daring Jade. Together they will appeal to fashionistas of all ages around the world.

The latest collection offers stylish shoulder bags with a mix of materials that adds that extra something that will make them stand out. Buckles and details have been thoughtfully added to add some edgy, yet timeless flair. The light camel leather bag with pink colour blocking is exquisite and will appeal to women of all ages. The smaller bags are sophisticated and classic and will undoubtedly appeal to a more mature audience, while the clutches are edgy, contemporary and fashion forward, they will undoubtedly appeal to an even wider audience and draw the younger fashionistas in. The addition of the handle is functional, stylish and just genius. I especially like the delicate pink clutch with intricate bands and handle, it is stylish and with enough edge to appeal to just about any fashionista. 

Cala Jade’s collections are always done in superb quality that will endure wear and tear as well as expose its own character and beauty over time. Just like the brand, they only become better over time.