by the Editorial Staff

Kateřina Geislerová has a certain feminine charm that comes through her work.  That could be a product of her Parisian education or an affinity to adhere to silhouettes that border on the classic in a world full of streetwear and deconstruction. What is also visible in the current collection is the steady growth of Katerina's work. It is a mature and polished to the point you know that you are looking at a designer comfortable in her own skin and her own abilities. 

Petra Balvínová's TIQE is one of the brands that seems to have existed forever. While it is not as old as the fashion houses in Milan or Paris, it is still known for its longevity and its ability to reinvent itself. A steady introduction of diversity in looks and movements has lead this brand to remain consistently fresh and above all, relevant in an evolving industry where static is death. TIQUE was one of the more prominent shows to grace the catwalks of Prague fashion week. With the incorporation of a steady stream of colorful dresses and short and long silhouettes, TIQE provided a balance in terms of aesthetics. Sure the occasional deconstruction was evident but they were layered with fine tailoring and attention to details.

As Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week comes to a close it is worth nothing that the immense potential for some these newer, smaller brand need to translate into actual success and some of the newer brands can find solace and good strategy by studying these older but relevant brands.