Fonnesbech SS17: The Old is New Again

By Lotus Ladegaard

Fonnesbech is among the heavy hitters of the Danish Fashion scene. Anders Fonnesbech, who opened a small basement shop in the centre of Copenhagen, founded the company in 1847. Like a true visionary, he sold high-quality fabrics, textiles and garters. It later evolved into a fashion house – producing its own clothes and accessories and also importing the best designers at the time such as Lanvin, Schiaparelli and Christian Dior. In the 1970 it was decided to outface due to new trends and new possibilities.  

Fonnesbech is a long time favourite of the Danish fashion industry. And like all older brands it is always building on its historical foundation and have found a new and innovative approach to incorporate sustainable and ethical fashion production. They feel a responsibility to produce sustainable fashion and use predominantly organic fabrics and certified suppliers.

The Fonnesbech focuses on tailored and fitted garments. The current designs are an expansion of their legacy into the sustainable wear/slow fashion market.

Fonnesbech’s SS16 collection featured tailored and fitted garments as expected. I enjoyed their play on historical designs, which added a new twist to details as well as the silhouettes. Fonnesbech is definitely a show that will appeal to both the young professional woman as well as the environmental conscious woman that like classics with a twist.  

Fonnesbech’s aim to produce responsible fashion did not come at the expense of glam or glitter during the SS17 collection. The solid lines, the delicate yet strong contours and prolific use of muted colors only added to an already impressive narrative. Fonnesbech has remained true to its historical responsibility as being a flagship fashion house for Denmark and with its consistent skirmish into sustainable and innovative materials it is making an excellent claim on remaining as a flagship scandinavian  powerhouse.



Lotus Ladegaard is a fashion journalist and a Copenhagen native. She was a house model and a publicist before fully committing to the world of fashion journalism.