YDE: A Bit of Feminine Charm

By Alana Easton 

Ole Yde’s YDE is one of Denmark’s hidden gems. The luxury prêt-à-porter has no real imprint outside of Denmark but has a strong and loyal following inside it. Whereas other brands have been expanding heavily outside of Denmark, YDE has been busy consolidating it's market within the boundaries of Denmark. Ole’s brainchild has racked up quite a few fashion awards since it's inception in 2005.  Elegant, easily wearable yet having a bespoke feel has become YDE’s signature look. Yde has pushed for a more feminine look within the Danish fashion industry despite androgyny playing a central role in the last few years. That is why YDE is a brand that sticks out doing the traditional things. While YDE is not the most experimental brand on display at the Copenhagen fashion week, it is still a brand worth taking a look at. YDE’s ability to capture the soft flowy feminine look with intricate lines and delicate fabrics makes it a visually appealing brand and this year is unlikely to be any different.