House of Dagmar and the Swede Symmetry

by Elaine Easton

House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion brand. And like all things Swedish the coolness factor drives the brand. But beyond the 'hip' is a foundation that incorporates classic Swedish craftsmanship. The brainchild of three sisters and named after their grandmother, the house of Dagmar is finding a strong footing in the Scandinavian industry. But their appeal as a more universal brand is likely to make them go further than most other brands in Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

The SS17 collection was a solid display of what makes HoD an emerging force within the industry. Their knitted wear along with the duotone color schemes provided enough evidence that their sense of fashion is driven by realistic goals and an astute understanding of where the market is heading. A splash of color in a mostly neutral and dark collection added wonderful contrast to the collection and showed us why they are good at what they do. While the collection was not mind-blowing or experimental to the point of being irrelevant it held up its own under conceptual scrutiny every show must go through.