Nicholas Nybro SS17: An Inside Joke Gone Too Far

by Amanda Hensen

Nicholas Nybro has talent. And like all talented designers his work rarely follows a predictable pattern. That is why he was able to construct a beautiful tapestry of color and contours in his collection a year ago. But his AW16 collection lacked the depth and clarity that were on display for his SS16 collection. So this SS17 collection was an important one in terms of where his work is heading. And despite the diversity of models (scandinavian actors) chosen for the show (which I commend) this collection deserves a pink slip. Amidst the overwhelming imposition of over the top pink-plebeian narrative, the collection did not hold up well against Nicholas's previous work. It felt too entrenched within itself like an inside joke with limited to no universal appeal. 



Amanda Hensen is a fashion journalist based in Stockholm.