Ganni: The Middle

by Sylvia Stoss

Ganni is one of those Danish brands most people in the fashion industry are familiar with. While it is a solid commercial brand it does not garner the same type of admiration Barbara I Gongini or Henrik Vibskov garners among the fashion elites and artists. It is a brand that is trying to remain a middle of the road brand without going fully commercial fast fashion brand or falling into the cusp of creative obscurity. Looking at Ganni’s previous collections that notion of towing the middle ground is all too evident.  The reason Ganni is a relatively successful brand is also the reason Ganni hasn’t fulfilled its full potential. But each they slowly move forward and this year would be no different. 


Sylvia Stoss is a fashion journalist. She graduated from London's famed Central Saint Martins and started her own company at the age of 22. She later sold the company to one of the biggest name in fashion and promptly retired to pursue her true passions... fashion and sailing.