Barbara I Gongini : Vivienne Westwood of Copenhagen

by Annabelle Schmitt

It’s been just over a decade since Barbara I Gongini first launched her line of edgy, Nordic inspired clothing. This peek at her latest collection is a continuation of her striking pieces. Her clothing transcends sexuality. Pieces are purposefully ambiguous with silhouettes fitting for both men and women. Admittedly, the use of cluttered text seems a mistake, reminiscent of clothing adorned with nonsensical English that foreigners wear in an attempt to seem Westernized. Otherwise, I Gongini’s collection stuns. Soft tendrils trailing off pieces and intricate, bondage-inspired structures add elegance to otherwise bleak pieces. Beyond looks, the collection makes the statement that fashion is more than just clothing; rather, her sustainable, genderless clothing carries a message about being environmentally conscious and embracing yourself. I Gongini’s eye-catching line is sure to leave a mark on current trends.

Deux recommends Barbara's work as the standard bearer of scandinavian fashion. 



Annabelle Schmitt is a fashion journalist based in the United States. Along with Deux, she writes for Tab and also photographs fashion when time permits.