NYFW AW17 : Cinq à Sept and the Art of Whimsy

by Olivia Moreau 

Cinq à Sept is a whimsical brand. Ever since it's groundbreaking first show in 2016, Cinq has been living up to the levity and whimsy of its name (5 to 7 pm Parisian time when something magical happens). This current collection of Cinq is a product of a cohesive narrative that borrows from all consequential trends and infusing a little bit of charm to the process.From high slits to overpowering patterns Cinq made sure that it hit all the right notes in the symphony that is this whimsy.  The most impressive part of Cinq is the maturity of the brand as it has carved out a strong following in a very very short time. It seems like Cinq knows what it is doing and we all are grateful for it.